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ABSN Georgetown Spring 2013 - page 2

Would anyone currently in Georgetown's accelerated BSN program like to share some tips about the interview for the WHC scholarship? Any other general comments or tips about the program are also... Read More

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    Right there with you, no word here either and quite anxious to find out.
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    Just wanted to share, I inquired and tomorrow is the day we find out. Very best of luck to you all!
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    Must have checked email 25 times today. Have heard nothing
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    Check your email! I just found out I got in
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    Yes me too! Now just crossing fingers about WHC scholarship! Congrats!
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    Woohoo, me too! Congratulations!
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    I'm in too!! Let's hope we hear about whc soon! Congrats everyone!
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    Hi everyone and congratulations! I'm in too I would think we would hear back from WHC this week...hopefully.
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    Check you emails! I got the WHC scholarship!!!
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    I am too! Feel free to email me - I have a gmail account with the same user name (eliz7854) at gmail dot com
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    Hi All,
    Is there anyone who got accepted into the Spring 2013 program looking for an apartment or roommate? I am driving from Los Angeles and will arrive the first week. If you are interested please email me at eppslex@yahoo.com.

    Good Luck All!!!

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    Hi all;

    A few weeks ago I started a Facebook group page for all of us attending Georgetown's ABSN program beginning in January 2013. Please do join the club and post any questions or thoughts about preparing for the school--including moving to DC!

    See you there!

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