Want to Volunteer but Allergic to Latex!

  1. Hello everyone. I'm encountering a problem while looking for international nursing volunteer opportunities! I am allergic to latex and normally I can be around unpowdered latex gloves and simply use nitrile alternatives. However, it seems that every international clinic uses powdered latex gloves. This is a problem because, as everyone knows, powdered latex gloves become a respiratory issue for those of us with latex allergies. I am just wondering if anyone knows of or has been on a medical trip (short term or long term) that does not have powdered latex gloves anywhere in the vicinity! I am ok with being around unpowdered latex gloves and simply supplying my own nitrile version. I would like something nondenominational or open to nonreligious folks. I could volunteer as either an RN or NP and do speak some Spanish. Thanks so anyone in advance who could please help me out of this dilemma. This is something I've been wanting to do for a very long (far prior to my stupid allergy!)
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    Im guessing the best thing to do is contact the organization you are planing to volunteer with directly and get information on wether they supply non-powdered gloves or if there is any way of getting your own when you get on the field. There might be a local pharmacy that can supply you with gloves once you are there.