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Does anyone know if nursing students can be of help in Haiti? Or do we need to be registered nurses first? Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   RunninRN10
    Thank you! My point exactly. There is so much more there to be done besides trauma....and WHEN THE CAMERAS ARE GONE....and much much before the quake hit there have been missions of doctors, nurses, any medical personell, students, and anyone willing to help, so I strongly feel rebuilding Haiti will take one person at a time! And yes there are ways you can help besides in monitary contributions. A time I would suggest is spring break as long as your studies are caught up with and you are able to go. Most organizations do not pay your way so there is a costly amount, but it would be a life changing experience and you are helping in a time of crisis so try to get donations and sponsors. Secondly like I said before- get an organization to go with they have clinics already developed in Haiti and set up- some of which were destroyed, but most have comunication with their organization in the states and supplies and teams are heading out to help. Next is spring break will work for you be sure to start your passport process now and you will need some vaccinations and malaria pills! Good luck and do not EVER let ppl get you down from doing what you feel is right, because there are more ways to help! Good luck and if you do decide to go be safe- there is a lot of violence in Haiti right now out of desperation, so be smart and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Good Luck!
  2. by   zia238
    I was very surprised by the negative comment left (by AU-RN) and am delighted to see other RN's standing up for nursing students. I am also a nursing student and I will be going to Haiti in March to help. Just because I am not a RN yet does not mean I am useless. In order for the experienced MD's and RN's to work efficiently under such extreme conditions require the back bone of support to help facilitate their work. I am going with experienced RN's who will be using my service to help them work better and quicker... so that as many people who need the help get it.

    In case you forgot.... the average person wouldn't understand the medical language or the name of supplies and equipment that will be needed. Nursing students can help! Not everyone there needs surgery. I am happy to hear that anyone would be willing to leave their home, pay their way, and go to Haiti to help those in need.

    Never let anyone....ANYONE... ever stop you from doing what your calling is. Those who put people down obviously do it to make themselves feel better and more important. Kudos to the nursing students.... your on the path to many opportunities