How to Respond to Haiti - American Red Cross

  1. as a red cross volunteer who went to louisiana in response to katrina, i know many are wanting to know how to help. the following is an email i received today regarding volunteers wanting to respond to haiti.

    thank you for your kind offer to help in haiti as an american red cross volunteer. the response we received on our blog has been overwhelming, and we are touched by your generosity.

    unfortunately, we are not accepting volunteers to travel to haiti. if support is requested by a red cross or red crescent society in another country, we tap into a cadre of emergency response workers who are specially trained to manage and participate in international emergency operations. however, we encourage you to continue to seek out possible volunteer opportunities announced by your professional association.

    right now, haitians need necessities that cost money such as food, clean water and shelter. the american red cross has pledged $10 million to help provide disaster relief and has already given thousands of hygiene kits, buckets, mosquito nets and kitchen sets.

    to help, you can make an unrestricted donation to the international response fund at or by calling 1-800-redcross (1-800-733-2767). you can also contribute by texting "haiti" to 90999 to send a $10 donation to the red cross; this fund drive is backed by the u.s. state department.

    we've heard your call for guidance on helping those who are suffering loud and clear. our hope is that we can provide opportunities for you to build a lasting relationship with our mission.

    volunteers are always needed and appreciated at the local level. there are many ways you can channel your energy and compassion through volunteering. if you would like to volunteer for the american red cross in your community, please contact your local red cross. you can become trained in disaster response, safety and preparedness. become part of a global cause to help alleviate human suffering in whatever form it may take.
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