Which school Bon Secours or Germanna?

  1. Hey everyone! I got accepted into Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing in Richmond Va, and Germanna community college in Va. But which school should I choose? I also applied to UVA, but I won't know if I got in until May 1.
    Pros: to Germanna is it's cheeper,and I am already familiar with it because that's where I did all of my prerequisites
    Cons: I would only have an associates degree, two more years one class a semester
    then I will have to transfer somewhere to get a bachelors degree/ BSN
    Pros to Bon Secours: I will get my BSN in 3 more years
    Cons: I will have to get an apartment, and it's more expensive
    Some feed back from anyone would be appreciated, but especially from anyone attending these schools!!!
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    Def. Bon Secour. After the program by working for them they help pay your loan off by more than half!! Great school... Would you mind emailing me id like to know about wheere your standings were with gpa etc im applying this summer