Va Beach are question?

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    I am a surgical rn. I work in the OR in Tampa, FL. I work in a womens hospital. I will be relocating to Va Beach area in Nov. I wanted to know are there any womens hospitals in Va Beach area. Also what is the average wages up there for a RN with 2years.
    What is a good hospital to work in the OR there.
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    to my knowledge there is no specific "women's hospital...the largest employer is Sentara, they have several hospitals in the area, there is the children's hospital in norfolk, EVMS is the medical school--i think the Jones Institute for reproductive care is located there....sentara and bon secours (another big employer) bothe have recently opened new heart centers and both now do open heart surgeries. not sure about salaries for hopital nurses as i work home health, but i would say probably around $25 would be a safe of luck and welcome to virginia
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    Hi. What is home health?? I am new to nursing. Thanks! Epona :wink2:

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