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Just wondering if anybody is considering TCC... they had two application periods for the fall semester.. december 1st (2011) deadline and march 15 deadline (2012).. im applying in the march group but... Read More

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    you mean buy the nursing fundamentals new or all the other books as well

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    Definitely the fundamentals. I would buy the newer tabers dictionary. But the others were hardly used so I would buy them used if u can
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    so i have a question for you ladies , what is the best advice would you give me for nur 108 , what was difficult , some success tips if you found any helpful resources . thank you
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    Just don't fall behind on the reading! Almost every test I would wait until the day before to start studying. if you can, try to read the first I think 5 chapters for the first test. Don't try to memorize the terms. Just read for basic understanding. the tests aren't that hard..its just a time-consuming class.
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    Is there any recommendation for study guides for the Hesi A2 exam at Tidewater Community College in virginia?
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    First week of pharm seemed overwhelming. The head to toe assessment seems hard and everything is so unorganized. I guess the first week is always chaotic though..but I'm not too impressed with the way things have gone so far. We've only been given 2 hours of lab time and our practicum is in 2 weeks. Well there's my rant for now. I def gotta catch up on the reading. How is med surg virgo?
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    The physical assessment is not as hard as you think. It's really very basic but then again, if you get Ms B for your practicum, she can be a lil picky. But in clinical, the assessment takes about 7 minutes. At first, my class just didn't know what they did and didn't want us to do for the assessment. Ask her to do an assessment on one of your class members so y'all know what she expects. You definitely have to go to open lab and practice at home on your family. O and do her study guides and compare answers with your study groups because she does use a lot of those questions. Med surg is unorganized too. She changed our class time to 2pm the day before class started so I was heated and she kinda just reads her notes word for word but she gave us a study guide and prints everything for us so at least I'm now saving on ink lol.
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    Well that's good she prints things out for u. Ours waits til the evening after I leave school and I don't have a printer at home so I'm always having to get there early. It was ms d that went over assessment and she didn't know what we were supposed to know for the practicum. I just hope next week ms b is there to go over it. I would be mad too if she changed the schedule at the last minute. My boss wouldn't have gone for that
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    Is the schedule on the tcc website correct for 170? 2-8pm and 1230:-4:30pm
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    Yes! It's only the first week though because clinical orientation is the second week and then you start clinicals. At least the SIS is correct for you all because we found out about the afternoon class the day before class started.

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