Tidewater Community College 2011 Applicants - page 2

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Hello TCC applicants, I am so excited about applying to TCC's RN program. I will be sending in my application in May because I am applying to the LPN to Rn Bridge program. I am interested in hearing from all the TCC... Read More

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    Hey everyone,

    Im new to the allnurses community. I just got accepted to TCC nursing progam. Im in Cohort 4 starting in March 2012. Im so excited and cant wait to start this rewarding career. Good luck to everyone. Looking forward to seeing you on July 11
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    What were your gpa's
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    I'm also in cohort 2!!!! Excited to start!
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    They took another look at my application.. I guess I MESSED up and that's why I didn't get accepted... BUT there was an opening so I'm now in cohort 4!!! YAH!

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