The Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA, NVCC) Momentum 2+1 nursing track?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm a current student at NVCC and since I'm so dumb and didn't listen to my mom when she was right all along, I took the wrong courses all last year (with the exception of a few general classes like English, History and Humanities). To make matters worse, I had a lot of personal problems and ended up not paying enough attention in school and didn't do well on a couple of the unimportant courses; now I have to re-take them. I re-took 2 during the summer but I know I need to re-take some more during this fall semester. I'm going to double up on credits and I know it's probably not a good idea, but I'm willing to work super hard to get all my prereqs. out of the way.

    My question is, has anyone here done the momentum 2+1 program? I want to try to get into it by the spring time, as I know I can if I stay focused-which I've been working hard at this summer. I first wanted to do the regular nursing program but they only accept applications in the fall and I don't want to waste another year.

    Firstly, does the momentum 2+1 accept spring applications? And if they do, which classes do I have to complete before applying? I know that some are obvious but it doesn't clearly state what the prerequisites are. I ask this because I don't want to bundle up on classes this fall if I can take them during nursing school. I'm going to attach a picture of the advising sheet for it.

    Secondly, do you think it'll be better to just do the regular nursing program?

    Please help in any way possible, even if you didn't/don't go to NVCC or take the program but just have some advice regarding nursing school. I'm also going to visit with a counselor &/or advisor sometime next week but I just wanted some opinions from you all as well.

    Thank you so much, in advance!
    Below is the link to the advising sheet to the Momentum2+1 track.
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