suggestions for nursing schools in VA?

  1. I have my undergrad and graduate degree in Foreign Language, after years of teaching I want to switch careers, however I want to confine my nursing school situation to VA bc of the great in-state tuition opportunities.

    Can anyone recommend what path I should take (associates degree) or accelerated degree program, and at any particular school? I know I need to take several classes just to apply to nursing school since I have practically no biology or chem background. My biggest concern is finding a thorough program that will prepare me for the exam to get my RN certification. Also, how difficult is the math, and the anatomy classes in nursing school? And how much of this math do you find yourselves using daily on the job?

    thanks for any and all you can see i am starting basically from the VERY beginning...
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  3. by   varn80
    I had a previous bachelor's in Accounting and went with the 2nd degree accelerated BSN at Norfolk State. I know other schools offer the same program, and I think it was a good way to go. I honestly don't know how NSU will be in the future because it was going through a reorganization period and a few of my favorite teachers left. But Old Dominion University also has a good reputation in the Norfolk area. I don't know about any other schools in the state. I did have to take quite a few prerequisites before I started to catch me up, but I took them at a local community college and saved some $$.

    Anatomy and physiology was very hard. It was a ton of memorizing, but no one failed our classes.

    The math isn't too complicated. I'm good with numbers though so I'm not the best judge. There are formulas, though, and once you understand them, it is much easier. Some of it is conversion formulas like ounces to mLs and kg to pounds. Yes, you do use it in practice. Even if the pharmacy has already calculated the drip rate or dosage, you should check it yourself to prevent med errors. Also, some meds are dosed based on weight, like heparin.

    It's awesome to know a foreign language and that will be utilized in your career. Good luck. I hope I helped a little.