Starting JTCC progam in the fall

  1. Just wondering if anyone is starting the JTCC program in the fall or if anyone in the program can shed some light on what to expect...I'm so excited but nervous as well
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  3. by   ashleynva
    Congrats on starting in the fall! I am a JTCC nursing student and will begin my 3rd semester in August. Overall I have had a wonderful experince with the program. The best advice I can give you is stay on top of studying because it is a heavy workload and easy to fall behind if you slack. It's not that the content is difficult there is just so much of it. The text book I had for first semester (Potter-Perry, Fundamentals of Nursing 7th ed.) was really tough to get through due to it's wordiness (I hope they've changed it by now), so I would make sure to listen to and take advatage of the powerpoint presentations online, they really sum up the textbook readings for each module. I'm not saying don't read, but don't get yourself bogged down with it. Also make sure you master your drug calculations. With about 10 math questions on each test it could really make or break you. I would suggest the dimensional analysis method for calculations. It is difficult at first and while on the surface other methods seem easier for some problems, once you've got DA you can find the answer to all the math with one method. Trust me I am terriable at math and I think the DA was the most difficult nursing class I have taken, but it has really paid off for me compared to other students who didn't take it seriously. Wow, I could go on forever, but I think I've given you enough info for a good start.