School dilemma

  1. Ok. I'm currently in Las Vegas, NV. I plan to move to Chesapeake after I finish the LPN program in 2014 (May), take the NCLEX-PN in VA and work. Currently I am a CNA.

    My question is this: is there a big difference in pay for a CNA vs LPN in the Chesapeake area? Reason asking is I want to continue ASAP into the BSN at Sentara when I get there. Now whether I'm a CNA or LPN the very earliest I can enroll is January 2015. Both the traditional and LPN to BSN tracks run from Spring 2015 to Spring 2017. They only give minimal credit for the LPN.

    Is it worth getting the LPN or just wrapping up A & P? And my girlfriend is pregnant.

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  3. by   pacjeffery
    I really need some Chesapeake, Portsmouth, VA Beach help. See, I am a CNA now but was looking into an LPN program here in Las Vegas before moving there. By May 2014 one of two things will be. I'll be an LPN moving to Chesapeake rolling into a LPN to BSN starting in January or a CNA still starting January 2015. Both are 2.5 years. Is the LPN worth getting or can I survive on CNA wages with an infant (gf works making $50k/yr)?
  4. by   cnastriving2brn
    If you can work extra overtime as a CNA then I wouldn't go through with the LPN program. I personally feel that the BSN is a better option.