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Hello everyone! I am looking for current, past, and even prospective students for Riverside's RN program. I will be applying for the September 2013 professional nursing program. For current or... Read More

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    Does anyone know how far in advance is our schedule posted for the semester?

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    They usually won't post until a few days before classes start, they want us on break and not looking or studying ahead. But if you're going to orientation, they will give you a tentative schedule. At least they did at my orientation. Most likely, you'll be in fundamentals I, Principles of Nursing, destination graduation for 5 weeks, dimensional analysis for 6 wks, and nutrition if you haven't already taken it. Not sure which order they'll put classes. But Monday is usually 8:15-12, Tuesday - Thursday will be 8:30 until 3 -330 probably. I don't remember exactly. The first 4 Fridays you will be off, starting the 5th Friday you will have clinical from 730-12
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    Nice! Thank you! I have make up orientation on 20 aug cause I'm in the process of moving from Arizona to virginia, but I've already taken nutrition so they are accepting that transfer course
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    Program and website under construction - Big Changes coming in 2016! Please call the RSHC Admission Department at (757) 240-2233 for more information.

    I just saw this on the website. Anyone in the know? What is the big change?
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    I spoke with a current student, she says that the RN program will be an associates degree program starting in 2016. Of course, no one in the office will confirm that when I call
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    I also called and all I was told was that the next starting class will be June 2016. I would love it to be an ADN or BSN (dream BIG right?)
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    I am a current student and we have been told they are moving to an associates program. My wish is that they will add an RN-BSN program soon.
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    They are adding the RN-BSN (kind of) it will be an ODU program BUT classes will be held at our campus (or online) the first ADN class is spring of 16 but there is one more diploma class starting spring of 15! Bigggggggg changes ya'll!!!

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