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Hello everyone! I am looking for current, past, and even prospective students for Riverside's RN program. I will be applying for the September 2013 professional nursing program. For current or past students, what was your... Read More

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    Does anyone know how far in advance is our schedule posted for the semester?
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    They usually won't post until a few days before classes start, they want us on break and not looking or studying ahead. But if you're going to orientation, they will give you a tentative schedule. At least they did at my orientation. Most likely, you'll be in fundamentals I, Principles of Nursing, destination graduation for 5 weeks, dimensional analysis for 6 wks, and nutrition if you haven't already taken it. Not sure which order they'll put classes. But Monday is usually 8:15-12, Tuesday - Thursday will be 8:30 until 3 -330 probably. I don't remember exactly. The first 4 Fridays you will be off, starting the 5th Friday you will have clinical from 730-12
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    Nice! Thank you! I have make up orientation on 20 aug cause I'm in the process of moving from Arizona to virginia, but I've already taken nutrition so they are accepting that transfer course