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Riverside RN Program Fall 2012

  1. 0 I have applied for the RN Program and have already taken the TEAS test and passed. I received my call for the interview which is scheduled for May 29th. Does anyone know what questions are asked during the interview or how I can prepare for it? Also, how soon after the interview do you hear if you have been accepted? I am so nervous and have worked so very hard for this....Crossing Fingers!!!
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    If they haven't changed what they ask (I'm going into the last term starting in June) then its pretty basic stuff, why do you want to be a nurse, maybe a question or two about your background or schooling. Nothing to get worked up over. They should tell you when the final decisions will be made. Probably within a couple of weeks after you interview, but just ask then at the interview or if you are really concerned, give em a call. Its a good school with a well regarded program. Good Luck.
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    Thank you so much Bob...I had my interview on Tuesday and I feel very confident with it. Mrs. Whitaker is such a sweet woman. People have said that she is pretty "dry" but I don't get that at all from her. I only wish I didn't have to wait so long to hear if I am in or not! She said it wouldn't be until around Mid-July!!!! UGH!!!! I am going to DIE until then....

    Thanks again for your input and Good Luck with your schooling! Maybe I'll see ya around sometime!
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    bob do you know how long the progam is for the lpn to rn brige (evening)?
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    I applied to Riversides RN program for Jan 2013. I took my teas yesterday and passed. I guess the next step is the interview. Does anyone have any advice? For those that were accepted, what does the school look for in the application process: GPA, Teas test, or work experience?

    The anticipation is killing me.