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:) Hello everyone I am in NY and planning on relocating to Virginina Beach within the next 3 months. I come from a big teaching hospital in NY and I wanted to know what hospitals in the Virginina Beach area would offfer a similar... Read More

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    I am really interested in moving to VA beach and I would like to reside by the beach. I'm curious as to what a one bedroom apartment, condo, or whatever is going to cost me by the water. Also does nayone know if they accept housing vouchers (public housing assistance, section 8......)
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    Also where would be a great place to start searching online for a place to live online in VA beach
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    Lots of good links here:

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    Hello everyone .. I am from california and am also thinking about moving to Virginia Beach. I found this post by accidently mispelling Virginia (virginina) in google. But all of your information was very helpful! Thanks again!