Relocating to DC area

  1. My husband just got a job offer and we will likely be moving early next year. I was planning on starting an ADN program at a CC in Atlanta. We are weighing our options because I could possibly stay behind with our kids to do the program or we can move and I will have to find a new school. Can anyone tell me about some programs, I'm looking for ADN or possibly BSN. I'm looking first at CC and lower cost programs.

    What is the nursing job market like in the DC area? Is a name brand school going to make a difference?
    Thanks for any help. We are looking at the McLean area.
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  3. by   MissIt
    I don't think I'd stay behind with the kids and do the program. Nursing school is really hard and it is going to be even worse if you've also taken on all of the parenting duties. Mclean is a lovely area. I'm doing my RN refresher at Northern Virginia Community College and have been very impressed with the program, it's organization, quality of professors and facilities, etc. Marymount has a BSN program, but is expensive. George Mason has a BSN program and is a state school. You'll have to get in-state residency, which is another year. The job market isn't great, but I don't think it's worse than anywhere else. Good luck. We had a similar situation in our family and it can be really frustrating to have to put your life on hold for a partner's job.