Questions about MCI

  1. Hello all!

    I'm a recently separated Corpsman from the Navy and will be trying to apply for the May 2012 start date after I finish completing the Chemistry and Computer class.

    Can anyone tell me how many students they admit on average per start date? Its a little stressful since they inform you on such short notice! But, I've applied to Hampton University as a fall back, seems kind of backwards I know.

    Also, I guess just an updated perception of how everyone currently enrolled is liking the program. It seemed like everyone starting in August were rather excited! Is that still the case?!

    Lastly, if there are any graduates of MCI, how easy or hard was it in finding a job? My plan is to work part-time after completing this program should I get in and finish my bachelors on line, perhaps continuing through MCI.

    Any guidance would be very much appreciated!

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  3. by   toosweet
    they take 50 students with each new class. 25 for days, 25 for nights / weekends (this is the Virginia Beach campus, I'm not sure about the others)

    Look into Hampton University... rumor is they have lost or something is going on with their accreditation, and are not taking new students until 2013 until this is worked out.
  4. by   livelikegold
    im am also considering MCI i only have a chemistry class left to take. are you taking your prereqs. there if so how do you feel about the prereq. classes.