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Hi everyone!! Just wanted to start a forum where we can all introduce ourselves and talk about the happenings of our new journeys as nursing students! Wow! It feels great to say that! :) Congratulations to everyone who got in!... Read More

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    hey guys,

    i'm sure i'll be meeting plenty of you soon enough.

    I am a second time around student - I first got accepted in 2009 and didn't make it past the first semester. I studied constantly. I ignored all my friends but I didn't do enough and i got a 76% and you need a 78% you can imagine how aggravating that was!
    but i'm here my second time and ready to make it happen this time

    also as for the books - in 2009 the book package was $800 it came with all the books you would need for the whole program as well as online codes and stuff as there were a lot of online components to lecture and lab and it had a code for the hesi tests you had to take throughout the program as well

    i'm REALLY hoping the books haven't changed because I really don't want to be spending another 800 on this stuff

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