Nvcc 2011 momentum nursing program

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    Hi everyone. I just applied to the momentum nursing program at Nvcc. Has anyone else applied? I was wondering how you did on your teas test and what your GPA is? I'm nervous. Ive been going to Nvcc for 3 years know and I'm graduating this summer with my general associates. My gpa is 3.259 I got 92, 83, and 78 on my teas. If anyone is in the program can u tell me what chance I have of getting in? I had a gpa of like 3.8 in high school and I'm worried that I might not get in bc I'm completing with high schooler gpa's. I have most of the prq done.

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    I just got my acceptance letter into the Fall 2011 Momentum Program. I had a gpa of 3.49 I believe from my High School. My TEAS scores were okay. I cannot remember off of the top of my head what they were however I do know that my Reading was in the 90s while my math score was just passing the requirements. I can't wait to start in the fall!
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    Congrads!!! I haven't checked my mail yet. I'm so nervous.
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    I didn't get a letter today. Do you live close to the medical campus?
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    I live in Leesburg so its not too close!
    Hopefully you will get a letter today!
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    I live in leesburg as well. I didn't get anything in the mail today either. From what I've read people who got there letters late dont get in. it's
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    When did you turn in your application? Because I turned mine in back in May for the Priority Deadline, so maybe that is why I got my letter so soon..?
    Best of Luck to you
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    I submitted my application June 25th. Do you know of anyone else who hasn't received a letter?
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    I submitted my for the before the priority date ended but I haven't received anything yet. Still hopeful.
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    No, sorry I don't know anyone that even applied to this program.

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