Nvcc 2011 momentum nursing program

  1. 0 Hi everyone. I just applied to the momentum nursing program at Nvcc. Has anyone else applied? I was wondering how you did on your teas test and what your GPA is? I'm nervous. Ive been going to Nvcc for 3 years know and I'm graduating this summer with my general associates. My gpa is 3.259 I got 92, 83, and 78 on my teas. If anyone is in the program can u tell me what chance I have of getting in? I had a gpa of like 3.8 in high school and I'm worried that I might not get in bc I'm completing with high schooler gpa's. I have most of the prq done.
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    I just got my acceptance letter into the Fall 2011 Momentum Program. I had a gpa of 3.49 I believe from my High School. My TEAS scores were okay. I cannot remember off of the top of my head what they were however I do know that my Reading was in the 90s while my math score was just passing the requirements. I can't wait to start in the fall!
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    Congrads!!! I haven't checked my mail yet. I'm so nervous.
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    I didn't get a letter today. Do you live close to the medical campus?
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    I live in Leesburg so its not too close!
    Hopefully you will get a letter today!
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    I live in leesburg as well. I didn't get anything in the mail today either. From what I've read people who got there letters late dont get in. it's
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    When did you turn in your application? Because I turned mine in back in May for the Priority Deadline, so maybe that is why I got my letter so soon..?
    Best of Luck to you
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    I submitted my application June 25th. Do you know of anyone else who hasn't received a letter?
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    I submitted my for the before the priority date ended but I haven't received anything yet. Still hopeful.
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    No, sorry I don't know anyone that even applied to this program.
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    Since you were accepted do you have anything listed under your organizations or on your degree progress report saying nursing?
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    No, not yet. But I did just send my confirmation email to Eric Shaw about me securing my spot in the program so maybe i'll see some changes once he gets it. Hopefully today is the day!!
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    I called today and the lady said they sent out the letters Friday so maybe I still have a chance.

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