Nvcc 2011 momentum nursing program - page 2

Hi everyone. I just applied to the momentum nursing program at Nvcc. Has anyone else applied? I was wondering how you did on your teas test and what your GPA is? I'm nervous. Ive been going to Nvcc... Read More

  1. by   oboyderrickus
    I did't get any letter today.
  2. by   Sammy04
    I didn't either I'm taking that as a bad sign because when I called today the lady said the denial letters were sent later.
  3. by   oboyderrickus
    Let's keep hope alive. Anyway my back up hope u have one too.
  4. by   Sammy04
    My back up is transfer to gorge mason university as a junior so at least I have something as well. Sorry to be such a downer.
  5. by   oboyderrickus
    I believe my mail has been lost or something. Will call them tomorrow.
  6. by   Sammy04
    I haven't received anything either.
  7. by   Sammy04
    I still haven't received a letter. Have you?
  8. by   oboyderrickus
    Not yet. I got information today that the medical campus has a network outage, and may be that explains the delay.