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Just wanted to see if anyone is applying to Nova's nursing program for Fall 2010. I keep going back and forth about whether to do the traditional or the 2+1 momentum program. I am also studying right... Read More

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    Can u please help me? i'm a student at nova right now and i've tried to talk to all the advisors about the 2+1 momentum program but there all so useless. I don't know what to do. I just need some quick guidance. I have a list of all the classes I need to take and I know I have to take the test but I'm confused on the fact that these classes seem a bit too easy as opposed to classes like anatomy and physiology or physics and bio...if u can please e-mail me at Thank u soo much
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    What question do you have, rabia3112? There are no easy nursing classes. If general studies classes seem easy, that is great. Keep in mind that you will have to take them at the same time with nursing classes.
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    Sorry I forgot to check back in on this post... I luckily passed the TEAS on my first try. I was really relieved. Also I got waitlisted for the traditional program and i'm waiting to hear from the 2+1. Still got my fingers crossed that i'll get into it. Is anyone else still waiting for their letter?
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    I'm also waiting for an answer from NOVA on the momentume. It's only wed. But still after all that preperation for the TEAS exam, and taking care of pre requisites.. Everyday seems like a week.

    I've heard that momentum program did not even fill up last year. As well if you are local to the school. I think you have a lot higher chance of making it... Honestly Im a little nervous just because I'm guy. It's weird being in room with all, but weird... ; )
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    I got an email saying that they just sent acceptance letters to Momentum students and have been more than once asking those accepted into the 2010 Traditional to let them know if they also got into and were choosing Momentum or some program in another school. They have indicated there is a sizable wait list for the 2010 Traditional and want to free up as many spots to wait-listed applicants and as quickly as possible from those accepted, but now deciding to go elsewhere. I am so happy to be staying in the 2010 Traditional.

    It is getting really competetive. For example, another student told me the Accelerated Hybrid only took 17 students this summer when ther were about 90 applicants. Wow!
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    I just had orientation and they sure do seem oriented towards teaching you the rules! I am trying to decide whether to buy my books at the NVCC book store or online, like at Amazon. I know online is way cheaper, but they said that the book store has pass codes include that you will need, but not get online. Anybody have any experiences or suggestions? Thanks.
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    I'm currently taking my pre reqs at another school, just have to complete anatomy and physiology part 1, does nova require you to have anymore anatomy classes, and how is the TEAS for getting into their nursing program
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    I only know about the NOVA traditional program. For the TEAS, you have to get 80 or better and you have 3 tries and your out. You also have to get at least a C in 2 semesters of anatomy and physiology. This year was the toughest with people who passed the TEAS and met the prerequsites still not getting in if their scores/GPA were too low. Priority also goes to local residents and if you have a bachelors degree beyond passing TEAS scores and GPA. Good luck
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    Does anyone know if NVCC has a point system or something available to students showing how they weigh TEAS/GPA? Also if you get over the required 78% are you allowed to retake the TEAS to improve your score, or once you pass your stuck with your score?

    I tried to talk to an advisor earlier this week, but got turned away because they're in "registration mode" which is fine, because I'm looking at 2011 so I can wait, but any information students/grads can offer in the meantime will be truly appreciated.
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    I don't think they have a point system. I think it is just based on the TEAS first, then on GPA. If you pass a section on the TEAS w/ the minimum 78% score you cannot retake it. You are stuck with it.
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    Yuck, but it's good to know that once you pass you can't retake the test. I feel like there would be an advantage to having sat through the test and then to go back and retake it (I plan to take the practice test from the ati website--but still having the option to retake the actual test would be nice)
    Thank you for the info