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  1. Hey everyone!

    I've been home sick for the past week and finally had the time to do some research into Nursing programs (how ironic.)

    I graduated with a BS from a VA University in 2003 and have worked in a variety of fields related and unrelated to my degree ever since. My background is in Speech Pathology and Developmental Disabilities and I'm fairly certain my degree will meet all pre-reqs as we even had cadaver lab as part of our program.

    I really want to get an RN--I don't care if it's an Associates or a BSN...I just want to be eligible to sit for NCLEX and pass.

    However, I'm a single girl with a professional job with typical working hours in Virginia Beach. My boss would probably be pretty flexible with me if I needed to leave a little early for a class from time to time or things like that but I can't seem to find courses that are nights/weekends! Everything seems to be geared towards the traditional student.

    I could take a job doing something random at night but then how would I afford school?
    I didn't take out loans for my first degree and it doesn't seem reasonable to take them out this time around "just because" I want to do something different....

    Does anyone know of any night/weekend/online schools in the area? I'd be willing to drive to Richmond if necessary, I don't want to have to move again if I can avoid it...

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Bob_N_VA
    AFAIK, the only night programs are offered by the private for profit schools like MCI and Fortis. Riverside ended its program this year (I am in the last E/W program and feel fortunate that I got in last year). Bon Secours has a program based in Richmond, but they did have an option of having some of the classes in this area along with some of the clinicals. Whether they still have that option, I am not sure, but you can get on their website here: and look for yourself. I was also able to pull this information out of a PDF that lists FAQ's for their program:

    Do you have an evening program?
    If you apply in the Fall, there is an evening/weekend scheduling option. The curriculum
    for starting in the Spring is only for day hours. Both options are full-time nursing school
    choices. Students do not have the option of attending part-time nor do we offer an
    accelerated program.
    What are the hours of the evening program?
    Depending on your schedule, you could be in class/clinical anywhere from 5:00 pm
    until 10:00 pm, 2-4 evenings per week and every other Saturday.
    Are there clinicals in the evening?

    Yes, the evening

    Good Luck.