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I finally got my ATT! After reading a PDF that was sent with the ATT it looks like Virginia doesn't participate in the quick this true? If it's true, what is the quickest way to find out that you passed? Thanks :)... Read More

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    just used the licenses verification number for the vabon. So if you took it in monday as an example it would be updated the next day. If you take it on a friday or sat...I don't know if the line is updated then. It doesn't cost. Va doesn't do the quick trick thing where you pay to get the results.

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    I took my NCLEX on Tuesday and I did the VUE trick and it took me to the payment option and also called the 804 BON still nothing I had 220 questions I am sooooo afraid that I fail which looks like I did have any one who took this test find out they pass after 3 or 4 days later I gues I hoping a good news when I know might failed thanks pls help
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    Quote from cjohns0103
    I am so excited! I just found out I passed my nclex. I used the 804 number you listed. I wonder if that number charges a fee. It's automated, but it never did ask for my credit card information.
    Hello this is me RN nurse from Nepal. I passed my schooling leaving certificate in 2003 . And completed my Plc nursing in 2007 now m working as a staff nurse in reputed hospital since 4 years. I am married , married with American citizen. And it's about fixed to go to USA. Being a nurse I don't want to quite my nursing job. I had ben to nepalese consultancy he suggest me to do GRE n nclex. So plz Let me know about nclex program as wel as cgfns. And gre. Do i need to do GRE for Virginia board? Plzzz help me to find the solution.
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    Calling the BON worked for me the day after my test! Thanks so much for posting that! Before reading this, the only thing I heard was to look on the website, which I didn't realize took longer. It was starting to make me nervous that I wasn't showing up, but that quick phone call eased all my worries

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