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NCLEX Quick Results - page 2

I finally got my ATT! After reading a PDF that was sent with the ATT it looks like Virginia doesn't participate in the quick this true? If it's true, what is the quickest way to find... Read More

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    Calling the BON worked for me the day after my test! Thanks so much for posting that! Before reading this, the only thing I heard was to look on the website, which I didn't realize took longer. It was starting to make me nervous that I wasn't showing up, but that quick phone call eased all my worries
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    Checking your Nclex is soo easy. Just go to the continental testing website fill out the small form requesting the last 4 digits of your ssn. BAM! There your result is! It's free BUT you have to wait till after 5pm of the following day of the exam.
    That's what I did. And to the glory of God, I passed at one sitting with 75 questions.