My chances in Getting into a Community College Nursing Program

  1. Currently I am a student at Germanna Community College. I did try once to get into their program but I do not have the gpa for it. My plan was to change my degree to general Studies and graduate in May with that but also having all of my prereqs done. If everything goes according to plan (all A's) in May, I will come out with a 2.89 gpa. Unfortunately, I had a rough year and it affected my grades. What are my chances of getting in to a community college or even a tech school with that gpa and a college degree? Also, On my transcript it will show that I had to take a part of Anatomy 3 times to get a B. Will that hurt me or show that I am persistent? I am trying to decided if the best thing for me right now is start as a CNA and work my way up to a RN (CNA to LPN to RN) or do I need to think about something else.

    I really need some guidance for this because i really don't want to give up my dream. My biggest dream is to be a nurse. I really don't know what else i would do if I couldn't be a nurse.
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  3. by   Bob_N_VA
    Where there is a will, there is a way. Use this link to see what programs are within commuting distance for you and then start doing your homework. Look at their web sites to see what the pre-reqs are and what each program offers. CC's seem to be the most popular as the tuition tends to be the cheapest. Don't count out hopital based programs, they usually have the best ratio of clinical time available. Working as a cna in the field can only help your chances and give you a headstart on some of the clinical skills. You dont have to be a book smart genius to do well, but you have to be persistent and put the time in attending class and studying. It always amazes me that some of the folks that struggle in my class are the same ones that seem to miss class the most often.
  4. by   mas28
    Dear Hopefulfuture,

    I agree with pretty much everything Bob has said. Do your homework on the various nursing programs and see what their requirements are. There are some schools that only look at your prerequiste courses. They don't care about your other classes or cumulative gpa. There are also some schools that will count all attempts or only count the highest attempt for grades. Calling schools and doing research will show you the best schools you have a chance of getting into. If you received all A's on prereq's, you have a very good chance of getting into nursing school I think. 90% of nursing schools look or calculate gpa based off their required courses (pre-reqs). You can also submit letters with your applications explaining any poor grades or explain them in your essay. Please do not give up!!! You may be a better candidate than you think!! You just have to look past Germanna, there is more to life than that particular community college. Haha j/k.

    Take care and good luck in the future and I bet you will get in nursing school soon. Keep hope alive Hopefulfuture!