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Hello, I am thinking of attending MCI for their LPN program. I hear its pretty expensive, but how is their reputation? Will I qualify for the same job once I graduate as LPN from a community college?... Read More

  1. by   laydiebuug
    Well I will be finishing up there on Monday. The school is disorganized and the clinical coordinator is a hot mess. The instructors are great though. I have no doubt that I will pass the boards. It is very expensive though when compared to other schools in the area. If you not affraid of the expense or being disappointed with scheduling at times then you will be alright, feel free to pm me.
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  2. by   christineg314
    Anyone considering this school should seriously rethink it. They are only there for your money and do not care at all about your education. Some of the teachers have been great but most are horrible. They are severely understaffed and will tell you anything (or leave important info out) to get you to sign up for classes with them and none of their classes transfer to other schools so once you start you either have to finish the program and get your LPN or start over should you decide you want to go to another school. My entire class (and others) have had horrible experiences with this school, one class is considering a lawsuit. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS SCHOOL..It's really not worth it. They also do the majority of their clinicals in long term care so you don't get much experience with anything but elderly and have been kicked out of multiple sites because of problems with instructors or students. Instructors are very unprofessional (phones going off in class, constantly showing up over an hour late, leaving the class with massive amounts of bookwork and then wandering off to do who knows what instead of teaching).
  3. by   TLeech
    Does MCI have an RN program too?
  4. by   prinsesspretty
    Hello...i am going on sep 8 for an info session. The lady told me that the class starts in nov.... Is there one in oct also.. Everyone says it is pretty pricey and i a mom of six kids so i know i will recieve something to lessing that price. Do u have an course outline or a schedule of ur class yet? Also what entrance exam did u have to take? Sorry for all the questions!!