Marymount University ABSN Fall 2014

  1. 0 Did anyone apply to Marymount University for Fall 2014?
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    I applied and just found out that I was accepted yesterday.
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    I applied an was accepted.
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    I'm considering it! What were y'alls stats? Also, if you have any tips for the TEAS, I would be SO grateful if you would PLEASE share with me!
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    I have about an overall GPA of 3.0 and pre-req GPA of 4.0, and a 98 on the TEAS. There is a study manual for the TEAS that comes from the company that makes the test; I just used that to become familiar with the format of the test. The TEAS has a lot of reading comprehension and its also the category that Marymount places the most emphasis on. Good luck with you application!
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    Will any of you be attending in the fall?
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    I am still waiting to hear back from some other schools before I make my final decision. I sent in my deposit though because I am leaning towards Marymount.
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    I applied a couple of days before the deadline and it took a while for them to actually receive all my papers. I haven't heard from them about decisions yet. Did you guys receive a call or your online status changed?
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    I received a little packet in the mail, nothing else.
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    I also got a packet in the mail.
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    My status said that my application was submitted, and I called them several times with no luck reaching my advisor. When I finally reached her, she said she needed one of my transcripts and that was delaying the process for me. Now I am waiting to hear. I got into Northeastern University, but I would also consider going to Marymout. It's cheaper than NEU.
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    Has applications closed or have all the slots been filled?

    Just found this program and the deadline is May 30th, 2014. I'll be giving them a call tomorrow to hopefully get some answers
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    The timetable that I received says that applications for second review aren't due until May 30. So there is still time for you to apply if you would like to (I think).

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