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  1. Hello, I will be moving to Newport News in August. Can anyone tell me of an LPN TO RN bridge program without a wait list? I have been looking into Riverside School of Health Care. Is that a good program? You get a diploma and not and Associate Degree. Would I have a problem transferring credits from that type of program? I would like to go on to get my BSN. Also, does anyone Know of a school that has an online nursing program, or at least offers science courses online. Some of the community colleges here(Kansas), now offer chemistry, microbiology, and A&P online. What type of salary can I expect in that area as a LPN? I have been a LPN for 10 years with mostly long term care and home health experience.

    Thanks in advance!!!!
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    I hear Riverside has a good bridge program. As with any LPN to RN bridge program, you'd want to call to find out what prereqs you'd need. Thomas Nelson Community College is nearby (cheapest way to pick up prereqs locally).

    I think MCI (division of ECPI), since it as LPN, RN, and BSN programs, could probably do a LPN to BSN bridge program. I don't know what their BSN accreditation status is (of course, since you would be hired on the strength of having your RN license, you wouldn't know if this would be a problem unless you were to afterward apply for a job depending on the BSN and they were real picky about where you got it, or if you were to apply to graduate school).

    Sentara has a school, and it probably has a LPN to RN bridge program, but it's in Chesapeake, which is a heck of a drive from NN, given the traffic conditions.

    If the BSN part is something you really want, or something you're definitely going to get around to, it just might be easier to see if you can get a BSN at ODU (also a traffic problem going to Norfolk, but you can get everything done in one shot this way).

    Hampton University has a BSN program, and has great success placing their grads with the VA hospital that's on adjacent grounds (I believe they have lots of clinicals there).

    You may wish to review the VA BON spreadsheets for NCLEX pass rates. They also report on accreditation (for VA licensure purposes; you'd want to look on the NLNAC and CCNE pages for their take, and of course there's also normal regional college accreditation to consider for transfer purposes).

    Also you'd want to check out prospective employers and see what kind of education bennies they offer (if you're going to be working your way through school).
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    Thank you!!!