Low Cost Physicals/Titers in Hampton Roads

  1. Hi all,

    My insurance just ran out a few months ago and I've found myself saddled with nursing school costs. I'm looking for suggestions on where to go to get reasonably priced physicals and titers drawn for clinical requirements. Thanks for any suggestions.
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  3. by   dragonflydani
    I know I have been without work for quite some time and the Virginia Health Department has been very helpful. It wouldn't hurt to give them a call and even when I was working I still got a much discounted rate on medical services. Here is there info (hope this isn't breaking any rules, sorry if it is, i'm new and ignorant and just trying to help!!! )

    I use these 2 services:
    Family Practice Clinic

    Victoria Center (757) 727-1172, ext. 21705 (information) or ext. 21710 (Central Scheduling - appointments)
    This clinic provides medical care by appointment to eligible patients (adults, children, and infants) who do not have insurance. Patients are seen on an appointment basis. Well and sick child care is provided as well as care for patients with chronic disease problems such as hypertension or diabetes. Call (757) 727-1172, ext. 21705 for further information. To make an appointment, please call Central Scheduling at (757) 727-1172, ext. 21710.

    Women's Specialty Clinic

    Victoria Center (757) 727-1172, ext. 21710
    The Women’s Specialty Clinic operates Monday through Friday at the Victoria Center, 3130 Victoria Boulevard. Services, by appointment, include family planning, gynecological check-ups (pap smears), contraception, and medical care for gynecological problems. Confidential guidance is given to all patients regarding the advantages of planning for pregnancy. For additional information or to make an appointment, please call Central Scheduling at (757) 727-1172, ext. 21710.