Lord Fairfax (LFCC) 2012 Program Admission

  1. 0 So I submitted my application a couple of weeks ago for the ADN program at Lord Fairfax Community College. The deadline for the application is today (March 26) Just wondering if anyone else is impatiently awaiting the results of their application?
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    Quote from Malibu0827
    So I submitted my application a couple of weeks ago for the ADN program at Lord Fairfax Community College. The deadline for the application is today (March 26) Just wondering if anyone else is impatiently awaiting the results of their application?
    Hi Malibu! I submitted my application at the end of February and I have been patiently waiting for the results forever. I tried to get into the online program at Northern Virginia Community College in the fall but they only took about 16 applicants out of over 600. I decided to try Lord Fairfax because it is less traffic and closer for me. I also love the fact that most of their clinicals are done at Winchester Hospital so we don't have to drive all over the place.

    Good luck to you. I believe we should know by the first or second week of May. If you find out anything new let me know!
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    Hi OneBusyCat! Good luck to you also! Did you apply for LPN or RN? I applied for the RN program at both Warrenton and Middletown. I am really hoping and praying I get in at Warrenton because I live right down the road from the campus. I was reading posts from last year and it seemed like the school sent out the wrong letters to the applicants, like people were accepted and got declined letter. I would have a heart attack! I'll let you know if and when I find out anything, and you do the same to! Good luck again! Counting down til May!
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    I applied to the RN at both campuses also. I put Middletown as my first choice because it is a little closer. I also saw the posts you mentioned last year of students going through this same process. They better get it right this year.
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    I applied to the LPN program at the Middletown campus and the wait is killing me...only three more weeks until I find out...can't wait!!! Good luck to both of you!!!
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    It's getting really close - I'm tempted to call to find out the date they will be releasing letters - anyone know?
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    I called this morning actually to inquire whether it would be an email or a letter sent out and when. The lady I spoke with said it would be a letter and that they would be sent out when she got the go-ahead to send them out. Not sure whether than means the decision has already been made or what. I'll prolly call again next week. I'm getting so anxious! I think last year people began receiving letters the first week of May - hoping that's the case as that's as early as next week!
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    I received a letter today stating I've been placed on a wait list. I guess I have until July 30, 2012 to find out if someone has "dropped out" and I can replace them. Just to give you an idea of what I applied with, I have a 4.0 GPA, have finished all but three of my general education (Bio 142, Micro and Public Speaking). I got a 76% on my TEAS test. I live in Fauquier County. Pretty upset, but who knows, maybe someone will drop out or applied to another school and got accepted. I've been counting on my acceptance to the program, but I don't know, maybe everything happens for a reason.
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    Malibu looks like we're in the same boat - says I'm on the wait list too! I also had Faquier as my second choice so I wonder if I wil hear from them? I got an 86 average on my TEAS and it said "advanced". My GPA was 3.7 and I did all general studies but Micro, nutrition and developmental Psych. I live in Loudoun County though. I'm still keeping my hopes up about the Faquier Campus and maybe some students will decide to go elsewhere or have a problem and decline to get us off the wait list. Either way keep us informed if you get any other mail from LFCC as I will too.
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    The letter was from the Middletown campus for the wait list.
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    I called the Dean listed on the letter, Claudia Mazurkiewicz, and inquired about the wait list. I wanted to get some insight on the wait list and if she could reveal where I was on the wait list. I'm signing up for summer and fall classes and really need some insight as to the likelihood of the wait list being used.

    Basically those who were accepted to the program have until July 17th to accept or decline the invitation for the program. On July 18th she said they will know who will be in the program. If you're on the wait list and you are asked to join the program, you will receive a letter. I asked her if there have been wait lists in the past and if there was an average number of people taken from the wait list. She said yes, the wait list has been utilized in the past but that she didn't have numbers in reference to averages or percentages. She said things like pregnancy, military moves, marriages, and acceptance to other programs does happen.

    Keep me informed of anything you hear, and I'll do the same.
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    Quote from Malibu0827
    So I submitted my application a couple of weeks ago for the ADN program at Lord Fairfax Community College. The deadline for the application is today (March 26) Just wondering if anyone else is impatiently awaiting the results of their application?
    Hi - I was accepted to the ADN program at Middletown. My first choice was Fauquier, but apparently there was a problem with one of the courses and the program (Fauquier) is being reviewed by the VA Board of Nursing. They will not know if they will have the ADN program at Fauquier campus this year until the Board meets in July and makes a decision. Anyone else know anything about this? I don't want to drive to Middletown, it's about an hour drive. I will if I have to of course. More than that, I'm a little concerned about the accreditation status/quality of the Fauquier program in light of whatever this problem is. Thoughts?? Thanks.
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    Congrats on your acceptance into the program! Can I ask what you applied with (GPA, TEAS test score, classes completed, county, etc.). I'm just curious as to what they look at when they accept an applicant as I applied with a 4.0 GPA. Also, did they give you a deadline for you to let them know you accept their offer of admission?

    I appreciate your post about the Fauquier Campus and I tried to investigate further on the VA Board of Nursing website. I found an agenda on Education Information Conference Committee dated January 18, 2012 that references the following:

    Repeat Initial Approval Survey Visit
    Lord Fairfax Community College, Fauquier Campus - Associate Degree Nursing Education Program, Warrenton

    : Recommend placing the program on conditional approval and withdraw the authority to admit students until such time the Program Director submits the following:

    1. Evidence that current students will obtain the required amount of mental health clinical hours as evidenced by signed clinical contracts, dates and time of each clinical experience and where each student is assigned;
    2. Plan of action that addresses how the previous graduates who have not passed the NCLEX-RN exam will obtain the required mental health clinical experiences beyond the long term care experience;
    3. Evidence that there is a sufficient number of faculty to prepare the students to achieve the objectives of the program;
    4. Provide a completed preceptor packet to include the performance of skills for which the student has had faculty supervised clinical and didactic preparation [18VAC90-20-95.D.3.];

    In addition, a Board representative will conduct a site visit to verify compliance with the mental health clinical experiences.

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