Lord Fairfax (LFCC) 2012 Program Admission - page 4

So I submitted my application a couple of weeks ago for the ADN program at Lord Fairfax Community College. The deadline for the application is today (March 26) Just wondering if anyone else is... Read More

  1. by   onebusycat
    Sorry for typos - FC and were
  2. by   Malibu0827
    Mail just came, still no letter. Anything in the mail for you onebusycat?
  3. by   onebusycat
    Haven't gotten mail yet - ill let you know. I'm at the campus getting my ID and parking permit and security guard said orientation is August 14 @ 1 pm.
  4. by   onebusycat
    No mail;(. I'm not worried though. We should get it tomorrow. I met some second year nursing students and they said the instructor from last year left which is good cause she was horrible! No clinicals first semester - just lab and lecture. Uniforms are ordered at the uniform store by Middletown campus - I think you can order online. Also they come to Fauquier for a fitting first. The security guard said they will fingerprint you on campus - and drug test is done by a local lab.
  5. by   onebusycat

    That is the uniform for LFCC - white tops and khaki pants - and the price includes embroidered LFCC logo - not bad.
  6. by   onebusycat
    Got my letter! Orientation at 1 pm on August 14 at Fauquier! Can't wait to meet you Malibu!
  7. by   Malibu0827
    Got my letter too! Awesome! Thank God!
  8. by   onebusycat
    Congrats! I'm gonna send you a message for my FB info