Jefferson College of Health Sciences Fall 2014

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    Hi everyone! Just seeing if there are other people anxiously waiting to hear back from JCHS about interviews! And also if you have gone to JCHS what was your experience there? I can't find any recent forums on the school. Lastly, if you did apply what were your stats! Thanks in advance

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    I just got a call today. I have a phone interview on Tuesday. Since I'm located in California, my interview is pretty early. Have you hear anything? I nervous... not sure what to expect.
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    I got a call today too! I'm so nervous, I wonder what questions they will ask! Mine isn't until next Monday!
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    Good luck!! Will your interview be over the phone as well?
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    I just got accepted by jchs, can anyone tell me about this school. Like tuition, scholarships and students.
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    I was accepted as well! I haven't been able to find much on this site about the school, but during my interview I really liked it and it seemed like the faculty really care and will give you a lot of one on one attention.
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    @terpnurse Are you starting as freshmen or transfer student? Will you be on campus or off campus.
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    I'll be a transfer, I'm graduating from university of Maryland this fall and will be attending Jefferson's accelerated bsn program in the fall. I was thinking of living at the Patrick Henry but I'm really not sure yet! Wby?!
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    This may*
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    I am transfer student too. From montgomery college . I will be looking for an apartment off campus with a roommate.

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