J. Sargeant Reynolds RN Program 2011-2012 - page 3

Has anyone out there already been accepted to the RN program for 2011 or planning on entering in 2012? What have your GPAs been like, and what have you heard about who has and who has not been... Read More

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    i only missed 3 on the math. the reading i got a 78.

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    Hi! I am applying for Fall 2012 JSRCC RN program. Just curious to find out how you like the program. I also applied to Bon Secours. I have a 4.0 and high Kaplan scores, so hopefully I'll get into JSRCC. Any advice on the JSRCC program from those who have been in the program for 1+ semesters. Thanks!
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    Hi everyone, quick question.. im taking my kaplan this thursday and i am actually more freaking out about the READING portion than anything! Im not a fast reader and I have been studying the kaplan book... does anyone remember what kind of passages were on the kaplan? Could someone please write me back and let me know! Thanks a bunch!
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    Good luck on the Kaplan test...I didn't find it that difficult compared to the TEAS V I had to take @ NVCC. I've applied for the Fall 2012 RN program as well...my first choice is NVCC b/c I'm already living up this way but we'll see what happens. Good luck to everyone!
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    Hi just wanted to know if you took your Kaplan? & how did you do? I took the Kaplan today as well 5/17/12 My bday♪♬♪♪I got 90's in both math & reading. The test was pretty simple...I submitted my application for fall "12" RN program today.I hope you did wellツ hope to see you in the fall as i hope we get in the RN program✔
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    Hello, I am a student at JSRCC trying to get into the RN program. I have my bachelor's but I still have to take a few pre-recs to get into the RN program. I was recently hired with Bonsecours and I was thinking of applying for my BSN with them instead. Any ideas or suggestions about which school to attend? and how hard is the Kaplan or the Teas?

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