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I just applied to J.Sarg for their RN Summer 2013 program. I'm kinda nervous and was wondering if there was anyone else out there waiting patiently too.... Read More

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    Quote from sweethonesty88
    Yes, May 2nd!

    I guess I'm going to have to be ready to give up my summer. It'll be ok though, it will all be over with soon then I will be able to afford more than one vacation a year lol.

    Do you want to keep in touch during the process? I can't send private messages because I haven't met the post quota but my email is crystalrichardson88@gmail.com
    Congrats to both of you for getting in! I'm actually applying to the fall 2013 semester! do y'all remember what was on the Kaplan? That's the only thing holding me back from applying! I took the Kaplan last year & failed by two points for both.. (I seriously suck at reading comprehension!) & since this is my last tome i can take it i have to pass! I just need to refresh my mind on what's on the test! Haha, could someone please help thank you!!

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    Thank you and good luck to you too! As far as the Kaplan is concerned, I don't remember exactly what was on it but I will say with Math being my "bad" subject, I found the reading portion to be harder. The set up of the passages and questions is similar to the SAT, if you took it. I have taken both PreCalc and Statistics, and I found the math portion to be really easy. Basic math and your allowed to use a basic calculator. I also used the Kaplan study book, bought it on Amazon for $10. I hope this helps!
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    I felt that way to when I took it last year! I am horrible with math, and I felt like that was much easier than the reading.. I just feel like I loose my train of thought when you have to read long passages & what not, but thanks so much for your info! I checked out some SAT & Kaplan books from my local library! Hopefully a month of studying those I will pass! I'm just praying I pass this time because I am more than ready to be in nursing school! Lol
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    I also recently started a blog to track this adventure.


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