Is it hard to get into the RN program in October Richmond Va Campus

  1. I am signed up to start my prerequisites January 28th and I was going to go for the RN program in May but I have some family issues that may cause me to not be able to start in May but in October 2013 instead.... From what I am hearing in admissions it is 100x harder to get in at the October start date then the May? I do not have any previos medical experience besides my volunteer work....? Was anyone able to get in in the October start date with out any previos Medical training? Thank You for any and all comments I need some help deciding what to do and would love to hear from some graduates oh I took the TEAS and passed Start Math & Computer prereq January 28th
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  3. by   Halcyonn
    It is my understanding that most nursing programs typically see more applicants in the fall than in the spring. Many high school students, who graduated over the summer, will apply to college programs in the fall.

    Your post is not clear about what school you are applying to, but I think that it is safe to assume that any nursing program that you apply to will be competitive no matter what time of year that you apply. If medical experience is something that they look for on the application, then not having any might put you at a disadvantage. I would suggest talking to a program advisor and finding out exactly what you need to do to be a competitive applicant. Good luck!