Info about VCU's RN-BSN program?

  1. I am finishing my ASN at the end of February. I am in the process of applying for VCU's RN-BSN program for this Fall. The app deadline is March 15. My overall GPA in all college coursework ever taken is 2.9 (the minimum to apply for the program is 2.5). I received a BS in Science from VCU in 2010. I have not gotten anything less than a B in any nursing course. When I went to an information session about the RN-BS program (and other programs VCU's School of Nursing offers) they said that priority is given to students with the least outstanding credits as far as pre-reqs and gen-ed requirements. I've already completed all the pre-reqs and gen-ed requirements so I'm hoping that will help me out a lot. The other things that are required as far as the application are a personal statement and 3 academic or professional letters of recommendation.

    I don't know anyone who has applied for or done this program, except one of my instructors who did it in 2004 or so and she said her overall GPA was lower than 2.9 when she applied. She said it hasn't changed and I will have no problem getting in. Does anyone know anyone who has applied for or done this program? I hope my instructor is right about me getting in easily because I just want to get my BSN done ASAP! I don't know when I will get an answer from VCU either. I emailed someone there to try to find out. I can't imagine waiting 'til May or June to find out- argh!