I am trying to find a unit with most of these qualities...

  1. Hey everyone! I am currently a postpartum and L&D nurse in Iowa but looking to move in 1.5 years once i have 3 years experience. I am mostly considering anywhere in southeast U.S. but am open to other suggestions. I just want to broaden my horizons a bit. I love the unit I work for many reasons; great teamwork, birthing suites pts stay from admission until discharge, ability to be cross trained in PP and LD, 1:1 nurse: pt ratio for labor pts, high census: average 26,000 babies per year, and a level ll nicu. I am trying to find a unit with most of these qualities. Any information will be well appreciated In relation to the unit, the hospital, salary, and city. Thanks everyone!
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    Well, I saw this post and I must recommend INOVA Fairfax. This hospital is a big teaching hospital with an excellent Women's Services. I actually JUST got the job offer for Postpartum at this hospital! I'm a new grad & released how blessed to be working with them next month.

    I believe they had 60,000 births last year (not sure), have a level llllC NICU. I believe it is 1:3 or 4 ratio. The rate for all INOVA new entry including myself as a new RN no experience is $25/hr. Since you have more experience they might offer more. It's in fairfax, VA Busy city and units. They have 3 units. The people I interviewed with seem very nice and extremely enthusiatic about where they work. Here is the website for Fairfax specifically, but they also have other hospitals in Northern VA like Loudoun, Alexandria, Fair Oaks; but Fairfax is they're main one for teaching and other opportunities.

    I SUPER excited to start here!

    Inova Fairfax Hospital Women's Center - Inova Health System

    I hope this helps???

    Grace & Peace
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    Thanks for the post!