How Competitive is Northern Virginia Comm College? - page 2

I want to become an RN. I have done all the pre-reqs at Northern Virginia Community College. And I have taken the TEAS but need to redo the math section. I heard that the program is hard to get... Read More

  1. by   Lili16
    For teas exam they accept from outside
  2. by   Zappim2
    I am graduating in December with my bachelors degree. I cant seem to find on the website or get a straight answer from anyone at NOVA about prerequisites. Does anyone know which of them i have to take if any? I have heard that if you have a bachelors degree that you don't have to take any of them.
  3. by   blb28
    You need A&P I and II (BIO 141 &142) and Microbiology (BIO 150)

    You do not need to take any of the humanities classes that are required during the program if you have a Bachelor's.
  4. by   blb28
    Quote from Lili16
    For teas exam they accept from outside
    Just curious, how do you do this? I plan on applying to a few schools, and I thought I had to go to each school to take the TEAS there. That would be great if I could take it at one place and send the scores to all the schools!