Hampton roads Cardio clinic questions

  1. 0 I am getting hired to a cardiovascular clinic in the region and I have 3 years nursing experience (August will be 3 years). I understand clinics pay less than the hospital. I was wondering what an appropriate and fair salary range might be for that area? Also, since I don't have much cardio experience and this is a specialized clinic (the office knows I don't have a lot of cardiac experience) does anyone have any recommendations for books that I might use to brush up on basics so that when they are explaining some of the more complicated issues I will understand what the basics are and therefore grasp the more complicated issues? (Does that make sense)? I live in a low cost-of-living area where my rent is 700/month for a house in a good area with great schools for my kids. To live in the area where this clinic is and have a townhome with good schools the rent will be approximately 1500/month. So there is a huge cost of living increase but I have seen that the pay for nurses in the area does not compensate for that :-( Thanks so much!
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