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Going to TCC Nursing program

  1. 0 OK So I have decided to finally finish my RN at TCC. well I still have to do all of the pre reqs.... I have a 15 month old I work fulltime nights as a NCP for Sentara and I am going to start with A&P in the fall.....who thinks im crazy ya I do! I want to apply by december 2012 but.... I need End 112, Math 3, Bio 141,142,150, Chemistry, Psy,Phi, as well as Med Term..... How am I going to get all of this done by december 2012..... Does anyone thinks it is possible I sure dont.... I am so scared but I just want to get it all done! is anyone do the TCC program if so what are your thoughts about it.... what are your opinions on what I should do...... Someone please give me some helpful/hopeful advice that I can do this....
    Thank You
    Scared RN Student
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    Hi! Congratulations! You can do it--just check to make sure you need the chemistry. If you take Micro, that subs for Chem at TCC. If it were me, I would take the A&P with something like Med Term and English. A&P is a TON of work,but not impossible. If you set up your schedule in a way that will help you you'll do great! Good luck!!