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GMU just posted the application for the Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN program for this coming fall. Anyone else applying?... Read More

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    I went to the Transfer Orientation yesterday and got some useful information. First of all, they are in the process of finalizing the class roster for the year. As soon as that is done, they will be sending out all of the information (course CRNs to register for, uniform info, book info, background check and immunization info, etc.). They indicated that it should go out to us in early June this year. Nursing orientation will be the first full week of classes; therefore, classes and clinicals will start the second week. For accelerated students, clinicals will be on either Tuesday or Thursday. They do try to match your clinical sites to your home address whenever possible. They also said to prepare to have class/clinical 5 days a week, but that they try to give everyone one day a week with nothing scheduled.

    Anyone have any questions?

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    Thank you so much! I'm not schedule for orientation until June 19th which seems like forever at this point. I would have loved to go to the one yesterday but I really needed a night session.

    Did they give you any information about the immunizations and physical? I would love to get that out of the way before my youngest finishes preschool at the end of the month. I found the requirements for last year but I don't want to do anything until I have current information.
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    It is the same as last year. You can use the general school form for the immunizations, but I don't know about the form for the physical. On the general form, Hep A, B, and Meningococcal are optional. However, they are required for us. One change for this year...we are strongly encouraged, but not required, to have health insurance.

    The program sounds great. The nursing presentation was wonderful, but most of the rest of the presentations were not particularly useful. They really were geared to 18-20 year olds who are switching schools or moving on after doing 2 years at community college.
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    Thanks for the info on the immunizations. I have an appointment for a physical next week so hopefully I can get started on my titers and get the shots that I know I am missing.

    I spoke to someone in the office Thursday, and I'm happy to say she was super nice and helpful. I called to ask about a form for the physical, but when I told her I was trying to get as much done as possible before my kids get out of school she just started offering other information. Here are the main things I learned:

    --No specific physical form is required, but you can use the one from last year if the doctor prefers to have a form.

    --Uniform requirements have not changed with the exception that they are now recommending you get a better stethoscope. She suggested a mid priced Littman. Again she said not to buy red scrubs until you get your clinical assignment.

    --CPR information also has not changed from last year.

    Here is the link to all the documents from last year. Forms and Requirements- Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program - College of Health and Human Services - George Mason University
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    This is so helpful - thanks!!! I will be attending the orientation in June, I am looking forward to it.
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    For anyone needing vaccines...

    I went and had my physical this week and it turns out my primary doctor does not carry any of the vaccines I needed. I spent several hours trying to figure out my options. My insurance company said they would be covered 100% if given by an in-network provider. Unfortunately the health department, immunization clinics, and GMU all are not in-network. I would have to pay a $200 deductible before they'd cover any of it. Ugggh.

    I've been volunteering at a pediatrician's office for about a year and when I went in today I asked the nurse if she could give me any of the shots and she gave me all three that needed! I was thinking this may be an option for some people if you have kids and have a good relationship with their pediatrician.

    Also, the health department will give Tdap for free.
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    Our fall course schedule and book list is now posted on the GMU website. Happy registering.

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