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GMU just posted the application for the Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN program for this coming fall. Anyone else applying?... Read More

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    Congratulations to everyone who got in!!!! I got my acceptance letter for the nursing program on April 4th and got the regular Mason acceptance letter the next day. I nearly died from excitement since Mason was my first choice! I wasn't sure I'd get in, after reading a few posts on various forums (and here on allnurses) where people posted their scores and experience... I was afraid my scores wouldn't be competitive enough. For anyone who's curious, these were my scores:

    Undergraduate GPA: 3.4 (BS in Biology)

    Cumulative HESI score: 95.13%
    A&P section of HESI: 96%

    Prerequisites: A's in all but Microbiology lecture where I got a B (I'm currently finishing up Nutrition and Stat 250 this semester so they didn't have those grades at the time)

    Volunteer/Work Experience: I spent a few weeks volunteering with a surgical team that provided free cleft palate repairs in the Philippines two years ago. I restocked supplies/transported patients/assisted nurses in the recovery room. As far as work goes, I currently work with kids but I don't think that really helped or hurt my application.

    Anyways, there it is. I'm so excited to start school. And hugs to anyone who didn't get in, I know how badly a lot of people wanted to get into this program.

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    From what I understand classes will be held at the Fairfax campus, however, clinicals will be at various teaching hospitals (mostly INOVA) across northern Virginia. I guess there were a lot less applicants this year which is why we are hearing back so quickly!
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    Does anyone know someone who has been through the program? How soon before the start of the semester do you think we'll get an actual schedule? I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I have have four kids and tons of planning to do before August!
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    I have a couple friends who have gone through the program, from what I understand you get your schedule in July
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    Thanks Loby!

    I have been poking around looking for information, and I thought I'd share what I've found. Of course this information might not be 100% accurate, but I figure it gives some idea of what to expect. Please feel free to add or correct. I believe this is one of the letters that went out last summer talking about the week long orientation and uniform requirements:

    I have also managed to get my GMU email activated but it took an email to tech support. I know they probably won't send us anything until the summer but I just wanted to check that off my list.
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    Hello all. I'm happy to say that I will be joining you this fall.

    I got a little bit of information from the Admissions Department that I thought you might be interested in. We will not be having the week-long orientation the week before classes start this year. Instead, we will get our orientation during the first week of classes. We do have to attend the Transfer Orientation, which is where we will meet with our Nursing Advisor.

    I also asked about where classes would be held and was told that they will be split between the two campuses. I'm hoping that they will work it in such a way that we will be able to spend a whole day on one campus rather than having to move between them.
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    Catherinesmom--congratulations!!Thank you for the information. Not having that week long orientation would be fabulous as I have to arrange child care for my four boys since school doesn't start until September. Did they say when they would be sending out the information?Thanks again!
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    I agree. I was trying to figure out what to do with the kids for that orientation week as well.

    They said that we would get much of the information at the transfer orientation. It is probably worth going to the first one on May 8th if you are able. The last time I looked, there was still plenty of space left.
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    The May 8th one does not have a night session (transfer students). I asked and the said there will be two in June and I believe one in July but the dates won't be released until after May 8th.
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    I just called and received the same answer about the orientation! Woo hoo! Thank you so much for the information. I also asked her when they would send out information about schedules, etc and she said not until July.

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