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Is anyone in it or has anyone been in it so that you may answer some of my pressing questions? Pleeeeease respond!!! :eek:... Read More

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    Hi everyone! I'm applying for fall 2011. I took the HESI A2 this week, but I realized that I have no idea what is considered a "good" HESI score (i.e. a HESI score that would help me get into GMU!). Has anyone else taken it yet? If so, what were your scores? Thanks everyone!

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    I've heard a couple people say that communication and organization aren't great in the program and that really concerns me, especially if school is stressful enough I hate having to fix problems with the school that should have been done correctly in the first place (this has perpetually frustrated me with public schools ..private seem to do a much better job- but you PAY for it$$).

    Could someone please elaborate on the communication/organization issues... are they annoying enough (ie can't get in touch with people, no emails returned etc) that I should choose a different, more expensive school like GW?

    Also, what is Mason's reputation with local hospitals? I've heard INOVA is a great hospital and since clinicals take place there do you think they would be more apt to hire a Mason graduate?

    Where do Mason graduates typically get hired? Does one typically have a job lined up right before graduation?

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    From what I've heard, all of the schools have their problems. I know several people who were graduates of Marymount (private) who had similar problems with organization.

    I think the problems with organization/communication at GMU stem from it being such an accelerated program -- it is difficult to get people through so quickly. For what it's worth, I never had trouble getting people to return my emails at GMU as a student (they weren't very forthcoming with information as an applicant, but once you were accepted/a student, it wasn't a problem -- the professors are great).

    GW's program is newer so I don't know how they are doing, and they might have their own problems simply from being newer.

    In terms of a job, I don't think it makes a difference where you go to school. Most of the schools have clinicals at Inova facilities. The job market stinks right now. Your best bet for a job right out of school is to work as a tech during school on a unit you like -- they are likely to offer you a job once you graduate. Your next best option is to get a scholarship/work commitment through Inova or one of the hospitals.

    Good luck!!
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    thanks for the response. It's helpful to know that the professors are great. I want to move back to Miami ASAP after graduation but who knows i may have to hang around VA if thats where i get a job, it's not so bad

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