Do students wear their uniforms to class in the Sentara schools?

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    For instance, in the care partner "lecture" only classes before the student starts doing hours at the Hospital, will we wear uniforms? Hope so. I have very, very few sharp casual clothes, as I have stayed at home for a few years. Uniforms even at classes (starting next spring) would be welcome, and would take the guesswork out of it. Thanks in advance for your answers!! Not sure if I should re-learn how to wear sharp casual dress-for-success clothes, or if I won't need to.......

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    The Sentara handbook has a list of attire Do-s and Don't-s. Generally, unless things change between now and spring, you can wear regular clothing as long as they are neat, clean, well-fitting, cover the breast and stomach, and have sleeves. Didn't see anything about jeans so my guess is that as long as they're well-fitting and in good condition, they're probably OK.

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