Do students wear their uniforms to class in the Sentara schools?

  1. For instance, in the care partner "lecture" only classes before the student starts doing hours at the Hospital, will we wear uniforms? Hope so. I have very, very few sharp casual clothes, as I have stayed at home for a few years. Uniforms even at classes (starting next spring) would be welcome, and would take the guesswork out of it. Thanks in advance for your answers!! Not sure if I should re-learn how to wear sharp casual dress-for-success clothes, or if I won't need to.......
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    The Sentara handbook has a list of attire Do-s and Don't-s. Generally, unless things change between now and spring, you can wear regular clothing as long as they are neat, clean, well-fitting, cover the breast and stomach, and have sleeves. Didn't see anything about jeans so my guess is that as long as they're well-fitting and in good condition, they're probably OK.