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I've read about a million threads on MCI and while it's not my first choice, I'm taking a look at it. My issue is I'm a Naval spouse and if we move will I be able to work in another state? I spoke with a admission counselor a few... Read More

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    Personally I think MCI is a business first, then school secondly, I was in the PN program and left after six months, not because I could not handle the classes, I was making A's..I left because the administration didn't care to hear about the problems that were going on in their classrooms or with their students, some of the teachers were giving out answers to the day before, and right before the test, students were caught cheating and they were slapped on the hand and told not to do it again, several students whined constantly about having to work a full time job, family, and not being able to handle the work load from the school, they would complain when the teacher would give too much to read or study...when I registered I got all the promises of the credits transferring to a four year college if we wanted to go for our BSN, job placement, so on and so forth...after I left I went to TCC, took my pre- regs and was accepted into the RN program and I am so happy I made that decision, I have two friends in the PN program at MCI and they are experiencing the same thing, MCI is like a convenience store, you are going to pay more for the convenience factor, the classes are large, the tuition is higher...I honestly don't know why anyone would want to go to any of those schools, so what you finish faster, but at what cost? I work for a large hospital and I know for a fact HR hesitates on hiring grad nurses from schools like that...just look into in more carefully, even if you use a GI Bill, don't waste it all on a school like that...

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    There was definitely drama at MCI when I went there for PN but once a lot of students were weeded out it was much better. the admin left a lot to be desired! Some of the teachers were fantastic.... but many were horrible! I do feel like I learned a lot, however. If I had it to do over at that point in my life, I would have went to a different school and went for the RN program. but no looking back now... and to be honest I am considering the night RN program.
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    New to this site, but this question is directed towards "Careerstudent", I'm prior military as well and very seriously taking the steps to complete my ADN through MCI, how are you still liking the program?

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