Career Training Solutions - LPN to RN Day Program

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    I am relocating to the Virginia or DMV area to finish my RN. I have been in communication with Career Training Solution in Fredericksburg and heard some pretty good things about them. I've checked with the VABON and found they have a 98% NCLEX pass rate.

    Does anyone know about this school? Or, any other school with a rolling admissions process in the DMV.

    Thank you.

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    There was another thread discussing CTS a few weeks ago. If I remember correctly, the main points against the program were 1) It was extremely expensive and 2) the program was not nationally accredited, so credits earned there are unlikely to transfer. And, while this program appears to have a high NCLEX pass rate, I wouldn't base my decision on that statistic alone. There are ways that schools can manipulate that number in their favor. In the central/northern VA area both NVCC and Germanna CC offer LPN-RN programs. Both schools are nationally accredited.
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    so how is the program at career training solutions working for you? i am also moving to the area for the program so pls tell me your thoughts.

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