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Hi, new to this site, and saw that not alot of information has been posted about the Richmond Bryant & Stratton RN program. I am due to graduate the 20 month ADN program this August, 2011. Five (4... Read More

  1. by   fashionq777
    Ronii3, just wondering if you have found a job yet and if you have been having a hard time due to getting your RN from B&S. I am currently in the program and heard that some are having a hard time getting employment because B&S is not accredited.
  2. by   RoniiRN
    I actually recently did get a job, I start the first week of august. sonce accepting this job offer I've also received two other job offers. When turned down from a job it was usually because of my lack of experience. I became an RN right after high school. Pretty much any of the HCA hospitals are more than willing to hire B&S college students. Also, I am currently looking for somewhere to enroll for my BSN. I plan on calling around to ask if they will accept my credits from B&S. So far, I did apply to one university which wasn't willing to accept many of my transfers. Needless to say I didn't go forth with the enrollment process.
  3. by   RoniiRN
    I meant to mention that I will be starting on a med surg unit, and the first 3 months I will be working alongside a preceptor. I'm stoked!
  4. by   Amygrace84
    I have been accepted into BSC for fall and was was told the whole program can be done in early mornings. I am only free until 1 pm each day and they assure me that I can take the entire course of study and be done in 20 months and always be home by 1 pm. I have no problem with early mornings but since there is no class schedule available to view online I am afraid I will get 3 semesters in then find out I have to take afternoon classes and that the admission people lied. But at that point they will have my money. Is there any current or former students who can verify that all the classes can be taken in the early mornings and be done by 1 pm? I realize clinicals may run a little longer (I have been told up to 2 pm.) How many days each week did you need to do clinicals in each semester, and were your regular classes able to be done by 1 pm? Thanks
  5. by   RoniiRN
    I can only speak about my experience at B&S, but keep in mind that I graduated last year so things may be different now. When I attended, we did have morning classes but we also had afternoon classes. There were days that we had to stay until well after 3 and I believe we also had a class that ended at 5 pm. As far as clinicals, they always ended after 1 pm and the number of clinical days and classes that we had varied by semester. My toughest semester schedule was when we had two days of clinical and then one long day of class. Class went from about 830 a.m. til 4 p.m. I believe (one class in the a.m. and one in the afternoon) ....although at times the schedule was hectic at times, it was worth it in the end!
  6. by   ryany
    Amygrace - I am enrolled in the program and just finished my first semster. I'm to understand that clinicals for this next semseter are going to be until about 3. This next semster was also harder to fit around a schedule. I can pretty much promise you that during this program there will be days that go past 1pm. Clinicals are currently 1 day a week in the second semster and then 2 days a week in the following semsters. The admissions reps did make it seem a little more flexible than it actually is, but not by a lot.
  7. by   NurseJassie
    Can somebody pls tell is bryant stratton college teas test hard? i am kinda freaking out . Is it a great school? some people say the program is two year or may a year in a half , but i started off as a CNA now ill be finish MA in Aug & will be going right back to school no breaks for my RN i know aug is sometime away now but it will be here before you know it , hopefully being that i am a CNA, MA & becoming a nursing student it will help a little.

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  8. by   NicSmi
    I am supposed to attend b&s next semester but after reading everything on the internet I am starting to become a bit worried. I just have a few questions. Is it accredited to get a job at any hospital afterwards? I just don't want to go through all that school to find out the accreditation was phony ! Thanks
  9. by   KHouston1993
    I met with a Nursing advisor and it is, in fact nationally accredited. I am also nervous about taking the TEAS test this month. All i need is a 62 or higher to be admitted to the program. They are expensive as ever but its better than waiting at MATC to get a nursing spot. I will be attending full time all 5 semesters. I am a CNA and I work with a few nursing grads from B&S so finding a job isnt an issue.
  10. by   KHouston1993
    I also plan to attend Bryant & Stratton next semester and I am nervous too. Do you have the TEAS nursing study guide? If so, just keep studying it and you will be fine. I know this reply is late but did you take it yet?? If so, was it hard. I take mines on the 26th of June.