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I was just wondering if there are other people out there that are applying for the Bon Secours BSN Fall 2011 Program. I just took the TEAS test earlier this week and got my results back last night (very excited about the... Read More

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    Yes huge congrats to you!! It really is a huge accomplishment and I will be back here in April with a hopefully positive update

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    Ok so its april and anxiety is at its peak lol.. what was the deadline when you applied and how did you find out? ahhhh!!
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    I believe the deadline last year for fall semester was April 1st or something like that. I just went back in my e-mails and found out I received my great news on 4/19/2011-- so you may be receiving the same news mid-April I also e-mailed ------ the day before asking when we'd be hearing back from them-- haha, weird timing.
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    Thanks! Yikes! Our deadline was march 15.. I'm worried because my grade for bio in high school was a c+ and I didn't retake it but it was AP bio so maybe it'll b ok but I'm super nauseaus every time I think abt it lol. Ill let u knw what happenss!
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    UPDATE: I emailed ------- and she said she has already contacted a number of students but my file is in a pool of about 20 applicants to be reviewed for a 2nd time on April 24.. i don't really know what to think about that except yikes! more waiting
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    Ugh! Sorry about the more waiting! Sending positive thoughts your way!
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    I got in!!
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    EXCELLENT!!!! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!
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    Thanks!! I was so nervous cuz I ended up on waiting list! Orientation June 6 CPR June 9 then more paperwork lol

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