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I was just wondering if there are other people out there that are applying for the Bon Secours BSN Fall 2011 Program. I just took the TEAS test earlier this week and got my results back last night... Read More

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    I was rejected Dx
    Congratulations to everyone else though!
    I'll try for J Sarge or something now

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    Sorry to hear about rejections-- it's tough, I know. I've been rejected and I know how it feels-- it sucks (for lack of better words). Keep your spirits up and don't let this get you down.

    On another note:
    Congrats to those who got in!
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    I didn't get in either.... It's okay though, I have Reynolds that I applied too! Congrats to everyone who got in, I know what hard work you had to put in!!! Good Luck!
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    Hi everyone! I also got into the Bon Secours fall 2011 program. Does anyone know how many people were admitted?
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    I think like 62 people were admitted because the emails I have received so far about admission and financial aid, etc. are addressed to me and 61 others. But I am so excited! Where are yall going to take your CPR class?
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    I'm not sure-- I was thinking about the red cross or at J. Sarg-- I think the red cross is the way I'm going to go. I've been certified for years (lifeguarding) but my certification is up. It's $85 and it's right near where I live (downtown).
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    To those who got in congrats! How has it been so far?? I just took my TEAS today and scored 86.7 and 97th Percentile. It is a notch lower than what you all got so I am getting mixed feelings because some of you got in and some didn't. I got Reading 88.1, Math 93.3, Science 75, and english 96.7. I got like a 3.14 in college and now I'm back in school doing prerequisites and I have a 3.95 (straight A's and 1 B) but I am so nervous because with my first bachelors I got an F in Chemistry but I retook it this time around and got an A. AHHHH!! Now I have to wait til April
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    I have enjoyed the Bon Secours setting since beginning last fall. One thing I am a little disappointed in is how the curriculum is set up-- it's very slow in the beginning and some people start with more classes than others-- however, it's a minor aggravation. I'm so happy to be in the program and most of the staff is very helpful and pleasant.

    When will you find out your fate? Have you applied to other places? I know how hard the waiting part is-- I do not envy you
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    Oh, Did you already have the non-nursing classes too??
    My fate will be revealed beginning to mid april and this is the only school I have applied to so I am sooo nervous! I have had trouble deciding on other schools and VCU scared me away at their info session. This is definitely the hard part!!
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    A lot of the people in the program seem to be second degree/career students. I received my BS in psychology from VCU in 2009 so most pre-reqs were done. I had to re-take chem because it was older than 5 years, so that was meh. But like I said, little aggravations, but nothing too upsetting. I still think how fortunate I am to be in this program Good luck with everything! Keep us updated and let us know the <crosses fingers> good news!

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