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Eventually I am moving to the Chesapeake area. I'm looking toward several programs. Some are ADN some are BSN. As a non-resident, the out-of-state tuition for some are exorbitant. So, while I prefer... Read More

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    ODU and Sentara are BSN programs and TCC is only ASN. I am second guessing myself again.... LPN and then bridge, or go straight for the BSN...

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    Depends on your finances, home life (ie. kids, S.O., etc) & end game. It's not unreasonable to cultivate several opportunities. Make a hierarchy, apply to 3-4 & make a choice based on where you get in. If I were an LPN now this would be easier for me. I'd be making more money during school. As it stands now I'm a CNA (endorsed my license to VA too). I need to make more money ASAP with twins on the way. I couldn't take three years at CNA salary to attend nursing school. Not while supporting newborns simultaneously.
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    If I were in your shoes with my LPN I'd go directly to an LPN-BSN program.
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    I still need my LPN, I am currently just an unemployed Pharmacy Tech working on my pre-requisites. If I keep on this track, minus LPN school, I will be able to apply for the BSN program next summer. If I do my summer classes, then start the LPN program in Sep (if I get in) I won't be able to continue taking 3-4 classes each semester and it will delay my eligibility to apply for another 2 years. HOWEVER, I keep reading a ton of posts of people that are almost done with their BSN and in clinicals and HATE nursing... I am very close to 37, too old to go full steam ahead to a BSN and then figure out I hate it.
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    ODU is a state school!! I can say that I had a family member attend the ODU program and nothing but good things to say. She graduated 6 or 7 yrs ago and had a job straight out of school.

    Community colleges nearby (I know nothing about their programs, but just for ideas...)
    - Tidewater Community College aka TCC is in Ches/VA Beach/Norfolk
    - Thomas Nelson CC is on the other side of the water in Hampton/Newport News.
    - Paul D Camp CC is in the boonies LOL but not horrible depending on what part of Ches you live in - they are in Suffolk, Franklin, and Smithfield, I think.

    Any of these should be even more affordable, although I am not sure if you're going to work/live in state for a year and then do school or go straight in and pay out of state tuition for a year? I dont live in the area any more, but it's my hometown, so I am partial to it Good luck!!
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    Heather, I will be 38 next month, I'm a CNA and I have twins on the way. I would prefer NOT to support them on just CNA salary. Add to that my tuition comes out of pocket (ZERO financial aid). Damn right I want to do whatever gets me to RN the fastest and cheapest. I don't think it's possible to work four, 12-hr shifts weekly and do nursing school and help raise two infants. Then again, I'm not ready to say it's IMpossible.
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    Sunbaby, I'm relocating. I don't know about the Paul school. Never heard of it until now. ADN or BSN.... If it's reasonably priced, ok! I don't think I could wait a year to start unless I was an LPN.
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    Oh, Heather. You're too young to NOT go full steam ahead!
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    Paul D. Camp is a community college so u would receive an associate degree. I didn't even realize that they have a nursing program.

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